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John McConnell

Saint Helena

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Chef for Clif Family Winery and Bruschetteria

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Summer loving......
First of
"Summer loving...... First of the season 🍅’s with pole beans, yoghurt, coriander salt, parilla leaf and @cliffamily hazelnut dukkah and olive oil"
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Crab, avocado, hazelnut and
"Crab, avocado, hazelnut and white chocolate @cliffamily wine auction dinner paired with our Oak Knoll Chardonnay 🦀🥂"
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TEXAS SHEET CAKE a slice of my
"TEXAS SHEET CAKE a slice of my childhood. Mother's mother's mother's recipe and glad I can keep tradition alive. An accompaniment to tonight's "pop-up" BBQ dinner @#honored"
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Briskets going in........ next
"Briskets going in........ next stop flavor town @#smoky"
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