Jim Christiansen

My Venues

  • Heyday
    2700 Lyndale Ave S
    Minneapolis, MN


  • Best New Chef 2015
    Food & Wine
  • Best Chef, Midwest Semi-finalist 2015, 2016
    James Beard Awards
  • Best New Restaurants 2015
    Bon Appétit

Where I Go Out

Behind the Scenes

Shima-aji - aged for 8 days.
"Shima-aji - aged for 8 days. Looks better than the day we got it."
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BBQ and jalapenos.
"BBQ and jalapenos."
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This guy has been with Heyday
"This guy has been with Heyday before it opened. He's helped to define and grow into who we are today, challenge everyday ideas, is a great leader, and has developed countless (delicious) menu items without getting enough of the credit. Thank You, Peter, for all your continued hard work and friendship - love you! I still don't know his Instagram handle, however."
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Burdock root kombucha.
"Burdock root kombucha."
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White truffle shaving from
"White truffle shaving from @#cheese. Thanks for hosting a nice night out."
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