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Brian Redzikowski

San Diego

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Brian Redzikowski is executive chef at Kettner Exchange.

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One day closer to @cochon555
"One day closer to @cochon555 this Sunday in LA. Recipe testing is over. @cookpigs offal and pork loin Gimbap. Experienced Cochon San Fran yesterday. Get the “T” committee ready."
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I don’t think eureka is doing
"I don’t think eureka is doing this sort of food 🤷🏿‍♂️. @krishaley Pho and langoustine dumpling, Chinese red vinegar."
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While most people are
"While most people are sprinting toward the future, we are taking a walk through the past. 212 B.C. original Chinese hamburger. Rou Jia Mo #historylesson"
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"Unicorn". Japanese uni, lucky
""Unicorn". Japanese uni, lucky dog farms corn agnolotti."
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So far only one person signed
"So far only one person signed up. Maybe the staff needs to see the end result. Tasmanian grass fed beef, baked potatoes, bearnaise, "hot rock"."
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