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". . . S A L T subtle alchemy of lingering taste"
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This weekend the amazing
"This weekend the amazing people @northerncoffeeworks are letting me and my good buddy @theminnesotaspoon take over their parking lot and kitchen! On Saturday we’re throwin down a Taco Takeover from 530-1030pm! @masienda delivered on their promise of amazing heirloom tortillas & @ablebrewery brought the beers! Sunday we’ll be outside braving that 7 degree weather smoking about 350 racks of ribs starting at 10am till they gone! Beers all weekend from our pals @ablebrewery and some amazing coffee drinks from @northerncoffeeworks ! @foodandwine has dubbed it “The Minneapolis Tailgate you cannot miss” Come on down drink some beer, eat some tacos, grab a few ribs and stay warm with some killer coffee! #pigandpinaintheparkinglot"
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Usually the hardest job in the
"Usually the hardest job in the kitchen. It's dirty, wet, hot and often times thankless. I don't think I've ever seen Lazaro have a bad day! He's been with us since day one and his smile hasn't gone anywhere. He is one of the kindest, gentlest and most sincere individuals that I know. I think what I'll miss most is having him taste my food and letting me know if it's authentic enough. Sometimes he says a little more spice or it's just missing the mark by a centimeter. When I nail it he gets this smile on his face and shakes his head in approval. He's our dude in the back that keeps us going! #humansofbrewerstable"
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There are few people I've met
"There are few people I've met who are pretty much always in a good mood, Mel is one of those amazing people. She is the hardest working mom I know. She drives 45 minutes to work everyday then back home to bartender at her other gig! She's relentless in so many ways. She is one of a team of two ladies who do all the prep for @brewerstable . She's the one lady that makes all the boys in the kitchen blush, the one with the biggest smile and the one who gives the best hugs! She's been with us from the beginning and we couldn't do it without her! She's an incredible woman and one of the strongest people I know. She's the type of person that can make you smile even on your worst day. #humansofbrewerstable"
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"Ballet instructor•cook•model•badass Tenacious is what she is! As a chef you are constantly looking for pupils that can become greater than what you have become. I've never had such a young cook be more fearless, eager and determined than Abbie. She is our youngest cook @brewerstable but holds her own like a veteran. She's a tough cookie and a hell of a cook! I am so excited to see where she goes and what she becomes. I'm so proud to have had the opportunity to be in her life as one of her chefs. I'll miss hearing about her latest adventures and how we poke fun at Mike together. You are an amazing lady @abigail.schmitt and I'm going to miss getting to watch you kick all the boys asses! #humansofbrewerstable"
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