Gemma Matsuyama

Gemma Matsuyama

Los Angeles

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Cake enthusiast and lover of cats. As a New Jersey native raised in an Italian and Japanese household, Gemma Matsuyama knew from a young age that food was her passion. At sixteen, she relocated to Italy for her culinary education where she prepared herself for a successful career in the New York City restaurant scene. During her time at Sullivan Street Bakery, Locanda Verde and later as a sous chef at Blue Hill at Stone Barns, she learned to transform sugar into the best pastries we’ve ever eaten. She is the sweetest member of Pico House, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

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New ham and cheez pretzel.
"New ham and cheez pretzel. Not 100% whole wheat anymore ☹️ guests wanted a more tender now it's a 70% whole wheat blend of hard red wheat, sonora/fife blend, 30% bread flour. Increased double the hydration and more of an even spread of filling. (And my sour cream mustard sauce is booooomb🔥I would eat it with tortilla chips if I had them. The secret is the chipotle.yep. There it is, the secrets out) There's not many made everyday so I dare you to get one @stumptowncoffee and support this bitch. Thanks 😍love you."
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Friends with passion
"Friends with passion 🎉congratulations @tsubakila for creating a beautiful space to have amazingly delicious food with the best service. 💕💕💕second time eating here with my family and they love everything"
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