Mavis Sanders

Mavis Sanders

Los Angeles

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Born into a large southern family, Mavis J. Sanders began mastering southern cooking before she could even see over the counter. Legend has it, she perfected cornbread before her abc’s. Looking to cultivate this natural talent, she attended the Culinary Institute of America after receiving a BS in hotel and restaurant management from Georgia Southern. Later, she would impress with her ability and natural leadership at Blue Hill Stone Barnes and the Untitled in New York. Exhausted with fine dining, she joined Pico House to create incredible food accessible to everyone.

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Everything is better with a
"Everything is better with a little char. Except toast, don’t burn my toast, that’s gross."
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The #steaks have never been so
"The #steaks have never been so high!! (You’re go! Shoot me you’re best pun)"
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Had an hour @lyft line ride.
"Had an hour @lyft line ride. Started talking to the girl about #food her favorite places to eat in #losangeles and she drew this in my notebook"
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We out here on our daily
"We out here on our daily brussel"
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