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Jonathan Whitener is the chef/co-owner of Here's Looking At You. His start in cooking had nothing to do with food—not at first. While growing up in Huntington Beach, California, he had his eyes set on his neighbor’s ’66 Cadillac convertible. To pay for the classic car, he was prodded to learn a trade and enrolled in occupational cooking classes. After nailing basic kitchen skills, he got a job in a hotel restaurant, where a line cook introduced him to Thomas Keller—not the man, per se, but his recipes in The French Laundry Cookbook. Truly inspired, he realized his calling in cooking.

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NEW AT @hereslookingatyoula
"NEW AT @hereslookingatyoula TONIGHT! Cured Albacore(in the style of Canadian bacon), smoked & pickled jalapeños, Palm sugar vinaigrette, toasted buckwheat, rau ram and smoked bonito oil! Inspired by @zpollack epic Hawaiian pizza at @cosabuona 🍕#hlayforever"
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This was an experience! The
"This was an experience! The smoke the smoked brisket taco as out of this fucking! Thank you @chefsfeed for flying me out to Austin for a truly insane food experience! Just epic! @valentinastexmexbbq"
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"NEW TONIGHT @hereslookingatyoula foie gras terrine, gooseberries marinated in champagne, pistachio dukkah & saffron"
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What an amazing experience at
"What an amazing experience at @theoriolebar its everything that I want in bar. Tropical decor with authentic Polynesian and African artifacts. I even spotted a @smugglerscovesf Ku mug. The drinks were so inventive and unique with custom bar ware. A must go if your in London."
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