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A native Texan, Chef Lopez was promoted to Chef de Cuisine after his first year and in August of 2013 named Executive Chef at La Condesa.

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Coles de bruselas
$$$, Mexican, Reservations, Modern, Lounge, Downtown
"Order the coles de bruselas (brussels sprouts, bacon, and grapes). Brussels sprouts with grapes seem to be a great pair; it's so delicious. Order it with the atún tostada and a side of elotes (Mexican-style street corn). Also try the smoky, smooth tequila cocktail, El Cubico."
Taquitos arabicos
$$$, Mexican, Reservations, Modern, Lounge, Downtown
"The local venison is served blood-rare with yogurt and a thick flour tortilla. Everything is good here, but this is inventive, surprisingly light, and well-balanced."