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A native Texan, Chef Lopez was promoted to Chef de Cuisine after his first year and in August of 2013 named Executive Chef at La Condesa.

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Tomato vinegar. Charred
"Tomato vinegar. Charred serrano oil. Epazote. Mint. Basil. Onion. Avocado purée. Maldon salt. 📸@travishallmark #vegan"
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2012, last 'busy' night of
"2012, last 'busy' night of SXSW, last table, last straw for the entire team (We were all very tired and needed a rest). He ate with The Shins and The National. He did not hesitate to say hello and actually hang with us for a few moments. We asked him after the meal. This is the person that helped my parents understand why in the hell I wanted to be in the kitchen all my waking moments. He helped highlight the other side of it all and progressed the ideals of what the modern hospitality industry was up to. My current sous chef now told him that night, straight up, you made me wanna cook, not be a chef, but a cook. This picture will always be a great memory and the people in it made it so awesome. We almost all got in a verbal spat this service, but cooking for our champion Anthony Bourdain wiped all that away. He was our voice, our reason, our mentor, our trailblazer. So much more can be said, but may all the dishes we cook today be a reminder that life is precious and we all have a purpose, cook hard today! Peace be with you and thank you chef."
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Resting steak, hidden
"Resting steak, hidden ribeye. #steak"
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Callos de hacha.
"Callos de hacha. #uni, grapefruit-mezcal gelée, habanero, jicama, sorrel, serrano, cucumber."
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Movies will premiere, bands
"Movies will premiere, bands will play, robots will consume Mountain Dew and tacos will be had. Hashtag SXSW. #masa"
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Turnip. The beet.
"Turnip. The beet. #sxsw"
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