Annie Pettry

Annie Pettry


About Annie Pettry

As Executive Chef, Pettry brings an uncompromising commitment to quality, a respect for technique and artistic sensibility to the table.

My Venues

  • Decca
    812 E Market St
    Louisville, KY

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    Behind the Scenes

    Chickpea chickadee. Hummus
    "Chickpea chickadee. Hummus tehina & grilled flatbread for your face. Toppings include, chermoula, chickpeas, picked beets, almond dukkah, and cilantro."
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    What an inspiring few days in
    "What an inspiring few days in Lexington, KY with @ouitamichel and @foodchainlex! Overjoyed to work with these powerhouse women to support FEAST, Food Equity and Access Sustains Tomorrow. We are so lucky to have a strong community of people and chefs that are committed to positive change. Love y’all! #chefslead #womenempowerment #womeninfood"
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