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Chef Lee Anne Wong continually brings her global cuisine to the public as she explores new, exciting areas of the culinary world.

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Fish and eggs
$$, Café, Asian, Breakfast, Kaimuki
"The Opah is cooked after being marinated in sweetened miso, which firms up the flesh and gives it a great savory flavor. The eggs are perfectly scrambled and the ocean rice, with seaweed, is a great accompaniment. Editor's note: the local fish prepared changes seasonally."
Dumplings of the day
$$, Café, Asian, Breakfast, Kaimuki
"Chef Lea Anne does a "dumpling of the day" at her incredibly delicious "Island Style Brunch House." Mine was filled with minced pork and served on creamy oniony grits with gravy and a spicy-sweet sauce around the plate. A great way to start the morning meal."