About John Shields

After four successful years at Town House and Riverstead Inn, Chef John decided to return to Chicago to open Smyth + The Loyalist.

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Behind the Scenes

"@jcarlisle22479 just recently posted about using beef tenderloin..ironically enough we had similar thoughts, as this one has been aging for 72 days. The flavor is really special and although ours doesn’t have the Carlisle family beef fat as marbled throughout, we’ve made up for it by poaching it in rendered bone marrow. #80/90’s #rosemarysprig @smythchicago @theloyalistchicago"
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"A shot from one of our guests..squab wrapped in sorrel and a farce of the leg meat, aged sweet corn, burnt honey, hickory nut praline and a jus with smoked foie gras fat at the table"
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"A new dessert of rhubarb marinated in fragrant flowers and citrus blooms...salted strawberries, black currant wood and goats milk...violas, dianthus, lilac and mauve onion blooms @smythchicago"
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