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I loooove oysters! Any
"I loooove oysters! Any shellfish fans out there? Shot these at @#thebiteshot"
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Black Mission Figs. Now, what
"Black Mission Figs. Now, what to do with them... #figs"
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Thanks @arizonadailymix and
"Thanks @arizonadailymix and Pat McMahon for another fun and hilarious morning of live TV 📺 Catch the BTS and my eyelash issue in my story. The recipe for my Instant Pot Cacciatore is at today! 🍝"
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9am on @arizonadailymix you
"9am on @arizonadailymix you can find me cookin' up this Instant Pot Chicken Cacciatore. Hot dinner in 20 minutes! #arizona"
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Have you cooked with kamut?
"Have you cooked with kamut? Those darn ancient grains sucker me in every time. I did them in the Instant Pot today, 15 minutes on high, then drained them and gussied 'em up with leftovers from the fridge. They feel really substantial, if that makes sense, with a good bit of chew. But, as it is a wheat product, it's no bueno for my #gf amigos :("
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My Nana's recipe for Sherried
"My Nana's recipe for Sherried Beef was what I always requested for my birthday dinner growing up. My updated version of this family favorite is in my digital cookbook, free to download at"
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