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After composing a home-cooked meal served on his mother's kitchen table, Kith/Kin creator and Executive Chef, Kwame Onwuachi, knew this was the makings of the menu he was meant to craft – one that brings his roots to the surface, and celebrates a story generations in the making. Celebrating his heritage ranging from Nigeria and Jamaica, to West Africa and the Caribbean, to New Orleans and New York, and now immersed in The Wharf of Washington D.C., Chef Kwame finds his culinary impetus in everywhere he's from, everywhere he's been, and the influence of those who know him best.

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  • 30 under 30
  • Young Chef of the Year U.S. Regional Finalist
    San Pellegrino
  • Best New Chef South, Nominee
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Behind the Scenes

It’s never too late to
"It’s never too late to celebrate these weird holidays with our Ethiopian hot chicken sandwich. It’s seasoned with berbere, Calabrian chili honey, and fermented habanero. #whodecidesthesedays"
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New dessert! White asparagus
"New dessert! White asparagus ice cream, black sesame, and elderflower. So good!! @kithandkindc"
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Another new one coming to the
"Another new one coming to the menu next week!!! So proud of my team for all of their hard work. This is one of my new favorites. Big Eye Tuna “Kitfo” with yuzu, koseret, mitmita and a giant shrimp chicharron @intercontinentaldcwharf"
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Just an army of egusi
"Just an army of egusi dumplings chilling in chili palm oil #naija 🇳🇬"
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As I eat my last meal here I
"As I eat my last meal here I can’t help but reflect on my week in Nigeria. I used to eat these meat pies as a kid growing up in Ibusa. Coming back here and receiving the amazing hospitality from @rsvplagos and their team has inspired me so much and brought me back to being that boy in my village again. Thanks for the laughs, amazing food, and great company. I’m so excited to get back to DC and implement some changes to the menu and to my life in general. Till next time."
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