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In March 2015, John packed up his smokers and moved to Charleston to introduce the Holy City to the great world of Texas barbecue. He and his barbecrew opened Lewis Barbecue in June 2016.

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El Sancho Loco - The biggest,
"El Sancho Loco - The biggest, most daring and delicious sandwich of them all. (Pork, Brisket, Hot Guts) 📸: @nycbbq"
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If you ❤️ this Chopped Brisket
"If you ❤️ this Chopped Brisket Sandwich so much, why don’t you marry it? #brisket"
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Whoa...that brisket y’all. Get
"Whoa...that brisket y’all. Get in today to finish off your holiday week right!"
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#PrimeRib waiting to be
"#PrimeRib waiting to be smothered in green chile queso, horsey sauce, and shaved onion for Beef N’ Cheddar Friday."
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Getting up close and personal
"Getting up close and personal with a rack of beef ribs is the way to do it on lewisbarbecue"
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