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Founder of The Butcher & Larder, Chicago's first sustainable whole animal butcher shop

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  • Local Foods
    1427 W. Willow Street
    Inside Local Foods Market
    Chicago, IL

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New batch of #fennel #salami
"New batch of #salami hitting the case. This one came out particularly lovely."
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This is, unequivocally the
"This is, unequivocally the best country ham I’ve ever made. Possibly the best anything I’ve ever made. It’s the best ham I’ve ever eaten. And I’ve eaten a lot of ham.... I say all this with my ego totally in check. Sometimes the stars align and you get results like this. It may never happen again, but the lesson learned is one I’ve said over and over most of my career- it really pays to know the source of your food. Most of why this ham is so insanely good is because of the pig. This was an #hamsweetfarm. They don’t raise a lot of pigs, and the ones I get from them have lived a great life. That matters. Kate and Christian care about what their pigs eat, and their living conditions. They aren’t trying to fatten them up quickly to get them to market. They are focused on raising the best pigs they can. And they are the best pigs. And the best people. And that is why this ham is so so good."
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#PHILADELPHIA!!! So excited to
"osteriaphilly! So many great people will be presenting some interesting and important topics. If you’re in Philly, I hope to see you there! ................................................. #knowyourfarmer #chicagoandfood"
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