Timmy Malloy

Timmy Malloy

San Francisco

About Timmy Malloy

Timmy Malloy is a Exec. Chef of Radhaus. After graduating from The Culinary Institute of America in 2006, he spent time in Washington DC, New York, Seattle, and San Fransisco- where he was named a Rising Star Chef. His food plays with the balance of comfort and adventure. His food is simple and elegant but challenges people to step outside of the box.

My Venues

  • Radhaus
    Fort Mason Landmark Building A
    San Francisco, CA


  • Rising Star Chef (2014)
    San Francisco Chronicle

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Behind the Scenes

Can’t wait to share awesome
"Can’t wait to share awesome dishes with you all again!! So soon!! Hazelnut Shortbread Cookie, Seasoned Yogurt, Smoked Trout Roe"
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“I don’t usually make
"“I don’t usually make desserts... but when I do they are KICK ASS mini Olive Oil cakes”"
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Found an old picture and I’m
"Found an old picture and I’m Not a huge sweets guy but DAMN if i couldn’t put back 3-4 of these by the wonderfully talented @#kneadpatisserie"
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Concentrating super hard in
"Concentrating super hard in the placement of pickled shallots @#pickledshallots"
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Cured Halibut, Plum, Opal
"Cured Halibut, Plum, Opal Basil, Mustard Greens from the days of @#halibut"
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