Matt Davidson

Matt Davidson

San Francisco

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Matt Davidson is the chef at Pizzeria Delfina. In his quest to become “Pizzaiolo for Life,” he joined Pizzeria Delfina. He was drawn in by Chef Craig Stoll’s devotion to research, authenticity, hospitality, and seasonality. He has since run the kitchen in three of the four Pizzeria locations – Pacific Heights, the Mission, and Burlingame (his current home base.)

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Cherry Pie!!!!!!!!! Happy 4th
"Cherry Pie!!!!!!!!! Happy 4th everyone! Come get some summer!! #sliceofsummer"
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Two fisting prime rib bone and
"Two fisting prime rib bone and duck leg is how I roll."
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Insert generic Chef term with
"Insert generic Chef term with whole animals. This is the reality of it. Transferring 2 85# hogs in my VW Golf. @linecook at least they aren't on my shoulder right?"
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Back from Italy, 1st lunch
"Back from Italy, 1st lunch back"
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