Maylin  Chavez

Maylin Chavez


About Maylin Chavez

Native to Tijuana, Baja California Sur, Co-Creator and Chef/Owner Maylin Chavez brings her heritage and passion for the sea to each dish she prepares. Her personal and professional experiences cooking in Baja, abroad, and being surrounded by the rich diversity of ingredients has created a direct imprint on her cuisine.

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Mexican chocolate cake, coffee-mallow mousse and toasted cinnamon-kissed meringue
$$, Reservations, Wine Bar, American, Seafood, Boise
"Happy first year of awesomeness @olympiaoysterbar! I am so happy to have you in the neighborhood. Mexican chocolate cake, coffee mallow mousse, toasted cinnamon kissed meringue, chocolate everything. Also, there was a coconut passion fruit cake, but it's all gone. It's super gratifying to see something you make disappear into happy bellies. I guess that's why we do what we do. Food is love. ❤️"