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Chef Brian, the executive pastry chef at Oak+Rowan, hails from Rochester, NY. Brian received his Associates in baking and pastry arts from the CIA, along with a Bachelors in food management from Rochester Institute of Technology. Arriving in Boston in 2004, he landed a job working for Peter Davis, Executive Chef of The Charles Hotel, where he worked under the guidance of Executive Pastry Chef Dan Angelopolus and closely with Rialto’s Executive Pastry Chef Susan Abbott.

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New dessert to get us through
"New dessert to get us through till summer stuff is here! Flax Seed Pavlova ~ Duchess Grey Financier ~ Black Mint Mousse ~ Sweet & Sour Blueberry Jam ~ Green Blueberry Granita ~ Flax Seed Crumble ~ Tarragon Oil #blueberries"
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New Market Tasting Menu
"New Market Tasting Menu started tonight! My course: Fromage Blanc "Tart" ~ Pink Peppercorn ~ Juneberry Jam ~ Bay Leaf & Rose Blackberries ~ Lemon Balm Foam 3 courses with Amuse and Intermezzo $50! #instafood"
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I always want to make a melon
"I always want to make a melon dessert every year and can never be satisfied. This year I told myself I was doing it, here's what I did! Compressed Melon ~ Fresh Melon Ribbon ~ Melon Foam ~ Lovage Granita ~ Cacao Pulp Sorbet ~ Puffed Amaranth ~ Fennel Pollen Rice Chips ~ Juniper Vinegar Gel ~ Buttermilk Nougat #melons"
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New desserts tonight! This one
"New desserts tonight! This one inspired by my Great Aunts & Mint Juleps! Local Black Raspberries ~ Baba au Bourbon ~ Homemade Clotted Cream ~ Lemon Verbena Puffs ~ Raspberry Mousse ~ Yellow Chartreuse Gel ~ Toasted Hemp ~ Rye Honey Tuile #bostoneats"
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