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Leo Asaro


About Leo Asaro

Leo moved to Boston, finding a home in Michael Schlow's 4 star French restaurant Radius where he excelled, working his way to becoming sous chef. Schlow was so impressed with Leo's dedication and leadership abilitties, he penned him to become the executive chef of his popular Italian restaurant, Via Matta Now, after working together for nearly ten years, Leo takes over the reigns at Schlow's Latin influenced restaurant, Tico, creating yet another cuisine to add to his repetuare.

My Venues

  • Tico
    222 Berkeley St
    Boston, MA

Where I Go Out

Behind the Scenes

Braised short rib + sloppy joe
"Braised short rib + sloppy joe sauce + hot pickles = wo'Manwich, y'all. #onthemenu"
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Yeah you right. Peach +
"Yeah you right. Peach + raspberry cobbler a la mode. #favorite"
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I got to write love songs with
"I got to write love songs with foods about my favorite band today, y'all. #foodmedium"
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That yuzu + coconut Choco taco
"That yuzu + coconut Choco taco though... 📸 @#miami"
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At My Venues

Pork tacos
Outdoor Seating, South American, Spanish
Back Bay East
Jeremy Sewall
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