About Joji Sumi

Chef Joji is the executive chef and creator of "Through the Kitchen Window" pop-up series, in addition to cooking for the Nopalito group. Born in Japan and raised in Michigan, he started cooking at the age of 16 when he took a position in a small Michigan restaurant. There, he spent six years working closely with local farmers and gained a deep appreciation for ingredients and their sources. Over the course of the next decade, he's worked in kitchens in Connecticut, Florida, and Chicago.

My Venues

  • Nopalito
    306 Broderick St
    San Francisco, CA

Behind the Scenes

"Getting ready for Monday. Duck wings with burnt orange and chile."
"Pop up Monday at Pizzahacker. Tickets still available. Come eat all of the the dim sum!"
"Through the Kitchen Window will be popping up at Pizzahacker next Monday, August 14 with some damn good dim sum! Tickets are available on Eventbrite and more information can be found on our website: throughthekitchenwindowsf.com."

At My Venues