Eric Freidline

Eric Freidline


About Eric Freidline

Chef Eric is the CDC for Sevy's Grill in Dallas.

My Venues

  • Sevys
    8201 Preston Rd
    Dallas, TX

Behind the Scenes

Do you even Soufflé?
"Do you even Soufflé? @sevysgrill #chef Roasted Sweet Corn, Poblano, & Polenta"
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Dry Aging this Texas Wagyu NY
"Dry Aging this Texas Wagyu NY from for Our Ziata Wine and Food Dinner @sevysgrill #chef"
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Texas Wagyu Bone Marrow, Foie
"Texas Wagyu Bone Marrow, Foie Gras Mousse, Crispy Prosciutto, Onion & Mustard Seed Marmalade, Garlic Toast, Petite Greens- Texas Olive Oil & Salt #chef #bonemarrow @sevysgrill"
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First set, checking dough and
"First set, checking dough and stuffing, 10 down 225 Togo, Spicy Sausage & Fennel Confit Tortellini, these will go with a Smoked Tomato Consommé, with Basil Variations @duckhornwine @sevysgrill #chef"
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Sous Vide Duck Leg Ballotine,
"Sous Vide Duck Leg Ballotine, had to take a peek inside! This will be so Amazing with Crispy Skin! Stuffed with a Pork Offal & Foie Gras Mousse, Gonna be Lit with an @duckhornwine Merlot and Blackberry Sauce. @sevysgrill #chef #foodandwinedinner"
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