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Chef Tyrone cooks in Winnipeg, MB.

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Rib steak & chimi ☀️
"Rib steak & chimi ☀️"
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New gnocchi for the weekend.
"New gnocchi for the weekend. Peas, pecorino, black garlic, almond & fresh figs."
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Horse Tartare by Chef Mike
"Horse Tartare by Chef Mike Robins. Follow the echoes from 'tender Erik Thordardson to a basement back door labeled Vandelay Industries to find some of the best French fare and cocktails Winnipeg has to offer. Sous Sol hits the mark every time."
One of the best things I've
"One of the best things I've eaten. Thank you @clementine.winnipeg 🙏🏻"
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Starting Friday you can come
"Starting Friday you can come enjoy this absurd bacon cheeseburger donut sandwich only at @meghanzahari"
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