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Zack Hall

Los Angeles

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Clark Street was founded by Zack Hall in 2014 in West Hollywood, CA out of a love and passion for making bread. Starting out in his apartment on Clark Street, hence the name, his passion for bread making grew. In late 2014, he moved out from his home kitchen and took up a shop at the Grand Central Market where he also baked his loaves for passers by to see. Today, a 3000 square foot bakery in Echo Park is taking it's place while the little stand at the Grand Central Market is being upgraded.

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Find your beach? Found it.
"Find your beach? Found it. #modelo"
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Strawberry!! We grew this--
"Strawberry!! We grew this-- and it didn't die!! #spring"
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Our old pecan tree is starting
"Our old pecan tree is starting to bloom! #dallas"
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A little piece of heaven.
"A little piece of heaven. Japanese heaven. #uchi"
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A Texas breakfast of
"A Texas breakfast of champions. Arguably my favorite part of the week...reading and writing time at my favorite coffee shop. #breakfasttacos"
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