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Austin Ewald


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Chef Austin is the Chef de Cuisine for Grizzelda's in Austin, TX.

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    It's finally time for one of
    "It's finally time for one of my favorite seasons of anything. #softshellcrab"
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    This handsome bastard. Sous
    "This handsome bastard. Sous Chef @astew9 of Grizzeldas, ATX ladies and gents..."
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    Sad to see this guy leave, but
    "Sad to see this guy leave, but extremely excited for what's in store for him. We love you Tanner, may white privilege lead the way. Photos c/o @mothball7"
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    Ramen for family today
    "Ramen for family today"
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    Pork belly, horseradish, burnt
    "Pork belly, horseradish, burnt fennel"
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