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Andrew Gerson

New York

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Chef Andrew Gerson is the Head Programing Chef at Brooklyn Brewery. He is a graduate of the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Pollenzo, Italy where he studied for two years after spending a year cooking in Rome. He returned to his native Philadelphia with a deep love of handmade pasta and a passion for local food systems that have shaped his path ever since.

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Crispy pok choy, togarashi
"Crispy pok choy, togarashi cashew cream, pickled snow peas. A work in progress."
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Testing sake miso clams and
"Testing sake miso clams and peas"
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Roasted beets, beet tahini
"Roasted beets, beet tahini emulsion, peas, radish, wasabi"
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Lamb tartare, cauliflower
"Lamb tartare, cauliflower emulsion, Szechuan pepper, crispy enoki, pickled daikon. Recipe testing."
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Bienvenido a habana! Cuban
"Bienvenido a habana! Cuban vegetable cart with perfectly ripe papaya."
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