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Bucatini, sugar snaps,
"Bucatini, sugar snaps, scallions with grilled padrons and classic shrimp scampi with parsley and lemon. - - - - #b"
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Duck confit with sugar snaps,
"Duck confit with sugar snaps, Japanese turnips and savory from @schadeyacres - - - - #b"
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Big moves at @schadeyacres
"Big moves at @schadeyacres farm. 12 new raised beds in for a total of 20. Huge expansion from last years 5 beds. Still lots of work and soil and gravel but making moves. - - - - #b"
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Last nights dinner with an
"Last nights dinner with an artichoke and French breakfast radishes from @schadeyacres - - - - #b"
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First harvest of the season
"First harvest of the season from @schadeyacres : purple brussels raab, collards raab, cabbage raab, red russian kale raab and broccoli raab. - - - - #b"
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Arch Cape chicories from Ayers
"Arch Cape chicories from Ayers Creek. - - - - #b"
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