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Rocco Whalen, if nothing else, is wrapped up in the love of cooking: the idea and vitality of it, the doing of it, the invention and sustainability of it, the day-to-day enrichment of it, and, ultimately and significantly, the memory of learning all about it from his Mother. All combine as convictions he affectionately shares with regulars and first-timers who dine at his remarkable restaurant, Fahrenheit in historic Tremont, a stone’s throw from downtown Cleveland.

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My bartenders & mixologist
"My bartenders & mixologist come with • Boulevardier with Smoky Bourbon, Campari, Sweet vermouth .... Elevate your #negronitime"
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Morning with Georgia Peaches (
"Morning with Georgia Peaches ( 🍑 ) & cream French toast, toasted almonds, vanilla bean Chantilly, peach compote and a mascarpone anglaise .... @chefchrisrandall"
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Beautiful grits with duck
"Beautiful grits with duck eggs, pork belly & truffles .... we #fahrenheit"
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