Leslie Peng

Leslie Peng

San Francisco

About Leslie Peng

Chef Peng is a Northern California native who grew up in Davis amongst the beautiful backdrop of farmlands. She moved to the Bay Area to attend university, and fell in love with the wide diversity of new cuisines she tasted in Berkeley. She began working as a prep cook, determined to become a part of the fascinating world of restaurant, and gradually progressed through the cooking ranks. In the spring of 2014, she returned to San Francisco, joining the Slanted Door family, as their Executive Pastry Chef. In 2017, after showcasing her creative talents in the running the Pastry Department, she was promoted to Chef de Cuisine.

My Venues

  • Slanted Door
    1 Ferry Building #3
    1 Ferry Building, Shop #3
    San Francisco, CA

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Behind the Scenes

The look on your face when you
"The look on your face when you see that which can not be unseen 😳 . . . #localeats"
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"It's going to be chill," they
""It's going to be chill," they said. "There are only 380 on the books," they said. . I NEARLY RAN OUT OF ROOM ON MY DAMN SPIKE. 😂🤣😅😥 . . . #dinner"
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Embracing my OCD. This is our
"Embracing my OCD. This is our spice drawer. Taste the rainbow 🌈 . . . #foodpic"
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