Casey Rebecca Nunes

Casey Rebecca Nunes

San Francisco

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Media Noche chef Casey Rebecca Nunes was born and raised in Oakland, CA. Nunes was previously a sous chef at Jax Brewhouse in New Orleans and chef at The Boardroom in San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood. Self-taught in the kitchen, Nunes has honed her skills and worked her way through the ranks of kitchens, even being named a Top 100 finalist for Season 6 of MasterChef. In addition to putting her own spin on Media Noche’s menu of Miami and Cuban-inspired dishes, Nunes is also an enthusiast of the theatre, and was previously a professional freelance stage manager and a backstage technician at Beach Blanket Babylon.

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meal redemption takes shape in
"meal redemption takes shape in the form of ricotta meatballs in @shawliza’s marinara and it’s as if yesterday’s missed marks in the kitchen never happened . . . #withalittlehelpfrommyfriends"
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Pollo a la brasa(ish), veg
"Pollo a la brasa(ish), veg hiyashi chuka, chili-lime melon & mango 🌞 . . . #brokebitchmeals"
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overzealous, as usual
"overzealous, as usual"
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hearty af (emphasis on the
"hearty af (emphasis on the ‘heart’)"
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