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Grant Achatz


About Grant Achatz

Chef Grant Achatz is an American chef/restaurateur often identified as one of the leaders in molecular gastronomy or progressive cuisine through his space Alinea in Chicago.

My Venues

  • Alinea
    1723 N Halsted St
    Chicago, IL

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Behind the Scenes

Mise en place. Atomizers
"Mise en place. Atomizers filled with floral-citrus aroma/vinaigrette on their way to the dining room. Tray carried and tie worn by @pairingnotpairing"
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Folded sheet of Spanner crab
"Folded sheet of Spanner crab imbedded with herbs, vegetables and spices. Draft 1."
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Stage two, after 16 hours of
"Stage two, after 16 hours of dehydration. Chewy, slightly sweet and acidic."
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I took this while
"I took this while experimenting with a extremely roasted beet that will be dehydrated and then compressed in watermelon juice. What I didn’t realize was how mad the beets were at being roasted in salt for 4 hours at 475f #pissed"
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Thank you for the gift
"Thank you for the gift guys!@bcanlis @nkokonas"
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Scallop dumpling with a
"Scallop dumpling with a scallop XO filling steamed over a bed of French Lavender table side. @mikebagale"
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At My Venues

American, Molecular Gastronomy
Old Town
Anna Atanassova
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