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Tiffany MacIsaac


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Owner and head pastry chef, Buttercream Bakeshop in Washington D.C.

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    • Nominee for Outstanding Pastry Chef
      James Beard Foundation
    • Pastry Chef of the Year
      Restaurant Association Metropolitan Washington
    • Rising Star Chef
    • ChefsFeed Winner
      One of the Best Things to Eat in DC

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    Behind the Scenes

    Toasty honey-vanilla meringue
    "Toasty honey-vanilla meringue hiding layers of lemon cake and tart lemon curd. One of my favorite cakes. Plus we get to use a blow torch, and that never gets old. 🔥 (frosting and torching courtesy of @d1anahernandez) @bttrcrmbakeshop"
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    Working on soft boiled egg,
    "Working on soft boiled egg, pepper jack and peppadew filled biscuits. 6 minute egg vs 7 minute egg."
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    A trio of cakes for a couple
    "A trio of cakes for a couple that @alexandramudry and I love so much! Heather was our opening AGM and quickly become our GM. When I was opening @bttrcrmbakeshop I was feeling stressed and full of self doubt. Heather was an absolute rock. She kicked so much ass and was exactly the person we needed to run the show outside of the kitchen so we could focus on the food. And when she finally got her dream job she brought in one of her best friends, @emmashaves, who is now our most perfect GM I could ever imagine having . We got to stand witness to Heather marrying Chris, the love of her life, yesterday. It was beautiful and we were all so happy to be there! #buttercreambride"
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    One if my favorite things to
    "One if my favorite things to make... #unicornpoop. Tastes exactly like lemon-vanilla marshmallows 😉"
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    When we were opening
    "When we were opening @bttrcrmbakeshop I randomly found “cheese flavored edible image sheets” that were meant for pizza. Naturally I bought them, cause I knew they’d come in handy since @allpurposeshaw is our neighbor and we have an edible image printer. Last night was #nationalpizzaday and we decided to make the most of it.... sorry, not sorry @chefmikeydc 😂"
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