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Sean Sherman, Oglala Lakota, born in Pine Ridge, SD, has been cooking in MN, SD & MT for the last 27 years.  In the last few years, his main culinary focus has been on the revitalizing of indigenous foods systems in a modern culinary context.  Sean has studied on his own extensively to determine the foundations of these food systems which include the knowledge of Native American farming techniques, wild food usage and harvesting, land stewardship, salt and sugar making, hunting and fishing, food preservation, Native American migrational histories, elemental cooking techniques, and Native culture and history in general to gain a full understanding of bringing back a sense of Native American cuisine to today’s world.

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So blessed to have been
"So blessed to have been invited to a beautiful and healthy dinner by the talented @#arizona"
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Awesome community dinner and
"Awesome community dinner and presentation tonight with The Upper Sioux Community! We were able to hand out a cookbook to each household, everybody was so great! Hope to visit more! #dakotafoods"
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