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I was born in Tucson, Arizona but raised in Sonora, Mexico. And it is through BOCA that I hope to take you there. There is a misconception of Mexican food as fast food – that you only get it on-the-go. At BOCA, it is not a fast food restaurant. It is about taking the time to experience what Mexican food is. The tortilla, made with corn or flour; no fried shell – this is real Mexican food. It is the food I grew up eating – with the cabbage, guacamole, limes, pickled onions, salsas.

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Behind the Scenes

Boca has a Sweet tooth!!!!!
"Boca has a Sweet tooth!!!!! Organic peaches + Red Wine + Oates + Figs"
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Pupusas filled with Queso
"Pupusas filled with Queso Fresco + Anaheim peppers on a Chile Colorado and Pinto Beans sauce."
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ChollaBud ( Ciolim ) Gordita +
"ChollaBud ( Ciolim ) Gordita + Avocado Olive Oil Pure."
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Organic Salad mix tossed in a
"Organic Salad mix tossed in a balsamic Anaheim vinaigrette + purple onions & smoked beets topped with a mid rare ribeye strips! Salad of the week"
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Squid Ink Pasta Made in House
"Squid Ink Pasta Made in House tossed with a Meyer Lemon Olive Oil on a Mushroom Poblano Crema"
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Thresher Shark
"Thresher Shark"
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