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Don is committed to working with local farmers, chefs, and other food producers to strengthen the local grain economy and grow the local food network. In 2015 he was awarded a USDA Local Food Promotion Grant that significantly helped him to increase collaboration with others and expand production with a new bakery. He has taught a variety of baking classes and presented at conferences and workshops, highlighting his business model and work with heritage grains. Don has consulted in Mexico, Taiwan and throughout the United States. In 2016 Don was named one of the Top Ten Bakers in America by Dessert Professionals magazine. He also received the Leveraging Your Localness award from Bite Magazine, Good Food Finder USA and Local First Arizona.

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birote bread and the pan de kino
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"get_repost) video link in Barrio Bread bio ・・・ Recently my family visited barrio bread here in Tucson, Arizona. We took home the birote bread and the pan de kino. OMG im not sure Ive ever had real fresh bread?!? Where have I been? On a side note, I've been really investing in the food my family and I ingest. But do I really know whats in my store bought bread after tasting this amazing artisan bread? Then learning that Don Guerra focuses on local fresh grain, I rather support this local business, my local economy and give my family the best nutrition. Check out our video in my bio to see for yourself!! You won't be disappointed 😁 #youtuberfamily"
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