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Tonight’s Thursday BBQ
"Tonight’s Thursday BBQ special: pulled pork with house bbq house, cilantro jícama coleslaw, and bolio roll. For dessert, a german spice cake with a fish sauce marshmallow and orange buttercream #fishsauce #marshmellows . . . sauce marshmellows @winepunk4lyfe"
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"MONDAY SANDWICH SPECIAL:  shredded pork banh mi, sriracha lime mayo, carrots and cucumber served on a Alejandro’s hoagie roll"
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Bbq special of the day:
"Bbq special of the day: Viet-Cajun style prawns boiled with curry, corn and potatoes, served with blue corn grits, handmade buttermilk biscuit, beet shallot jam 🦐 🦐🦐 🍺:@wrenhousebrewing Dino DNA"
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Tonight’s special: Thai curry
"Tonight’s special: Thai curry mussels with vegetables and micro greens. Suggested pairing Odell Limerance (Meyer Lemon Blonde) 🍋 🍋 🍋 #thai #mussels"
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Tonight’s bbq special:
"Tonight’s bbq special: Korean marinated short ribs, saffron rice, house kimchi, cold pickled daikon salad, cold cucumber salad, pickled spicy pineapple with a side of Korean bbq sauce"
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