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Chef Brian is the executive chef of Maynards Market & Kitchen in Tucson.

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Hot summer days call for a
"Hot summer days call for a refreshing lunch! Enjoy the Maynards Market Noodle Bowl with protein like ahi tuna (pictured here), shrimp, chicken, or pulled pork. . . . #noodlebowl"
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What makes a Perfect
"What makes a Perfect Gentleman? Templeton Rye, guava puree, ginger syrup, fresh lemon. Enjoy one at the Maynards Kitchen Bar today! . . . #cocktailoftheday"
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Whether you more Sangria or
"Whether you more Sangria or Martini, or something else entirely, Maynards has a cocktail for you! . . . #tucsonlocal"
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Fresh produce straight from
"Fresh produce straight from our organic, non GMO garden! . . . #nongmo"
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The Sonoran Mushroom Toast is
"The Sonoran Mushroom Toast is a mouthwatering combination of braised wild mushrooms, leeks, bacon lardons, Madeira cream sauce, preserves lemon, goat cheese, and chervil on a slice of local Barrio levain. Find it on the Maynards Kitchen dinner menu!"
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