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  • Rising Star Chef of the Year Nominee
    James Beard Foundation

Behind the Scenes

Today’s kitchen. Both
"Today’s kitchen. Both @aelderpnw are closed tonight. Because we are cooking lambs. Outside. Oh, also, @aelderpnw July Reservations are open!"
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Experimenting with whole wheat
"Experimenting with whole wheat from Skagit Valley. Take 1."
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Years ago, my introduction to
"Years ago, my introduction to charcuterie began with trying to exploit a local resource that we are plentiful in here on the island. Deer. We did so many projects with this. Various sausages, including salamis, “hams”, pastrami-like things, etc. Often they were extremely delicious if not a little feral. Pictured here is what was a very large buck leg, cured like a prosciutto. It is now over 7 years old or something. It’s morphed into something more like a weapon then food but from time to time we sample a small slice. Still delicious. A favorite relic of mine."
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Disc of Crispy Honey, Fennel
"Disc of Crispy Honey, Fennel Pollen, Sea Salt."
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