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Anthony Myint

San Francisco

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ANTHONY MYINT is co-founder of The Perennial, and former chef of Mission Street Food, which evolved into Mission Chinese Food. He is also a co-founder of the restaurant Commonwealth and of the non-profits Zero Foodprint and The Perennial Farming Initiative. He's all about affirmative solutions to climate change, and has gradually become more comfortable in his role as activist--restaurateur-handyman.

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Avocado Panna Cotta, lime,
"Avocado Panna Cotta, lime, pistachio, popcorn sorbet theexagerator"
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New on the Menu: Full Tilt
"New on the Menu: Full Tilt Farms Roasted Half Chicken with buttery morels, snap peas, pickled garlic scapes, hash browns, strawberries"
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Our favorite perennial grain,
"Our favorite perennial grain, plovgh The Land Institute Patagonia Provisions"
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Roasted Full-Tilt Duck with
"Roasted Full-Tilt Duck with mandarin, fennel, kale, strawberries. Full-Tilt Farms is a collaborative project between @#pasture. #eater"
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Someone needs to rethink his
"Someone needs to rethink his priorities. #baking"
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