David Yoshimura

David Yoshimura

San Francisco

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David Yoshimura is the Chef de Cuisine of Californios and Chef of Pop up restaurant Oji. He brings a decade of experience and knowledge with him, having cooked at some of the world's best restaurants. David joined the team of Californios after spending time at Asador Etxebarri in Spain, Ryugin in Japan and WD-50 in New York. Recently David staged at Ishikawa in Tokyo as well. His current project, Oji Restaurant, features a fine dining California Washoku experience. You can find more at https://ojisf.com

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"Dinner here is most intriguing. Many chefs try to reinterpret traditional dishes but the chef really gets it here. The soul of Mexican cuisine is present in every bite, though visually it's a surprise. Especially the menudo—the taste is perfect but there's no tripe."