Behind the Scenes

"🙏🏻❤️ @heidiwentthere ・・・ A little over four years ago my family and I stopped at a taco shop in Oceanside. My daughter said “Mom, there is a sushi bar in the back by the bathrooms?” sure enough, I popped my head back there and spied a little 6 stool bar with a lot of delicious things happening behind it. All I could think about was that quirky little sushi place hidden inside the taco shop, it was like a speakeasy for foodies! So the following week my husband and four friends decided to ride bicycles down PCH and have lunch at the mystery sushi place. So we roll up, ready to eat and were told by a young man washing down the sidewalk the sushi bar was only open for dinner. I was absolutely gutted and he must have known from the look on my face so he tells us to hold on. He comes back and says the Chef is doing his prep work and will serve us if we don’t mind his kids hanging out with us? Uhhhhh really?!? Yes, please! We were so stunned by his kindness, we said just make what’s easiest. What came next was an afternoon and meal we would never forget! The chef brought out an entire blue fin tuna and cut us pieces straight from the belly! He served us the best melon gazpacho on the planet, discovered flavor combinations of fish and fruit we could never had dreamed of, drank some local fruit wine and sampled multiple homemade ice cream flavors that were to die for. We talked, laughed, listened to old punk rock music, drew pictures with his lovely kids and got to watch a master do his craft. This is when we met Chef Davin and our love affair with his food began. Since then we have watched his restaurant, @wrenchandrodent overtake the taco shop and his amazing wife Jessica introduce a Ramen restaurant. @thewhetnoodle to the space. These people are not just producers of amazing cuisine, they are part of their community and give back in too many ways to list. Their food is made with love and you can taste the difference. Dylan and are are so happy to see their success and are always excited to see what they will do next. If you are ever in Oceanside, Ca and you want to have “next level” sushi, I suggest a visit here and ordering omakase, you won’t be disappointed."
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