Aubree Arndt

Aubree Arndt

San Jose

About Aubree Arndt

[Read in Star Wars theme] Chef Aubree was born. The city of Flint, Michigan has fallen from the ashes and the hope of Aubree’s return has diminished. Forced into battle at Le Cordon Bleu, Arizona she traveled across the west vowing to resist food fads and restore faith in brewpub cuisine. After years of experience and persistence she found a Starship, called Loma Brewing Company here in Los Gatos. A brewery with enough beer to fuel the entire South Bay for many nights ahead. She brings delicious comfort food to the South Bay with the unparalleled support of the Loma Kitchen fleet. Aubree and her two dogs will continue to walk the apple orchard and gardens of her home, a crisp sour ale in hand, discovering new flavor combinations and craft beer pairings. She brings her smile, aggressiveness, and determination to battle the fires of the Loma kitchen. Where will the next dish take her…… Favorite beer style: Sour Ale

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