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Executive Chef Christopher Barnum-Dann's domain, the Localis kitchen is a special place where a great team creates delicious food and a memorable experience for every diner.

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Braised and seared beef tongue with mole verde
$$$, Modern, American, New American, Poverty Ridge
"Final savory course of the @cdmx tasting menu. I was really excited to come back to sac and make green mole. Usually they are non seasonal but here, right now is the best time for mole verde. Shout out to @alexmarshalljackson For the shroomage!! Braised and seared beef tongue, mole verde, miatake mushroom basted with brown butter and pinenuts, poached carrot, crispy shallot, pea tendrils and blossoms. @laughingduckfarm #eatthegrid"
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