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  • Rising Star Chef of the Year Nominee
    James Beard Foundation

Behind the Scenes

Its really hot in here I don’t
"Its really hot in here I don’t have a mixer ice machine is made for a yacht shape at seats 1 and 2 while we’re open do the cooler shuffle wake up hurry up not you slow down"
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“Remember basically you are
"“Remember basically you are suspending somewhat softened corn in a wheat gluten matrix.” @breadandsaltbakery as I nervously embark on my first porridge bread journey. Bye!🚀🍞🌐"
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This is not burnt to me.
"This is not burnt to me."
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Zooming down to the
"Zooming down to the Fermentation Featival after my longest ferment ever, 72 hours. Really glad I slept in on Wednesday and then decided to see how long it could hang!"
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In trouble because this piece
"In trouble because this piece of toast is making me not care about all the things I’m behind on today. Toast is really good, guys."
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