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Beto grew up on a farm with his grandparents in Durango, Mexico. His grandmother introduced him to the many flavors and cuisines of Mexico, using the animals and produce from their own farm that Beto helped work and harvest. This is what inspired Beto to seek out the culinary world and eventually attend the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. After years with Brinker International and watching his son develop a passion for his own style of food, Beto decided to join forces again with Phil Romano and the team at Trinity Groves to open a new generation Mexican restaurant unlike any other in Dallas.

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Texas is jumping on the
"Texas is jumping on the bandwagon they Love “Beto&Son” 😉😂"
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The Big Battle of Beto & Son
"The Big Battle of Beto & Son coming to a Network very soon. #ChefBattle!! Stay tuned to my story this week! I will be taking y’all with me on a special trip to the Big 🍎! #newyorkgetready"
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Thank you to all our fans and
"Thank you to all our fans and guests for making this Cinco de Mayo a great success!!! #MexiCan!!!"
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