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Fried chicken
$$, Breakfast, Donuts, Fried Chicken, Poplar
"The chili-garlic glaze is my favorite style of fried chicken at Mike Solomonov's Pennsport donut hut, but the buttermilk ranch seasoning is a close second."
Fried chicken
$$, Breakfast, Donuts, Fried Chicken, Poplar
"This juicy fried chicken is packed with flavor. There are no wrong choices here, dry or glazed; whatever you choose, the result is moist, crispy chicken that will leave you planning your next trip to Pennsport to beat the lunchtime crowd. Plus, who needs a biscuit when you can have a donut?"
Vanilla-lavender donut
$$, Breakfast, Donuts, Fried Chicken, Poplar
"Any of the hot and fresh donuts are amazing, but I think my favorite is the vanilla-lavender. It’s a little sweet and aromatic, and best when eaten right out of the fryer, of course. I think it takes me about four bites to get the job done."