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Viola Buitoni

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I was born in Rome and reared in Perugia, Italy, in a family whose veins were of pasta and chocolate was the blood that ran along them. Following an idyllic upbringing in a family estate immersed in a life that moved to the clock of seasonal food, I moved to New York City in 1985 for a business degree. Soon after school, I found myself drawn back into the genetic and ingrained passion for food. After a few years honing skills in professional kitchens, I poured my passion into a catering kitchen and fine foods shop in the heart of NY's Madison Avenue. When I sold the shop, I followed my heart to San Francisco to start a family with my longtime love.

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Last weekend in Bolinas with
"Last weekend in Bolinas with my love @johnfox, we ended a day of exploring and foraging with a classic. Local overripe tomatoes and basil seared in Il Molino olive oil from Lazio over @pasta_granoro spaghetti from Puglia topped with shaved 36 months Parmigiano Reggiano. Can this count as #18 of my woefully sidetracked #100dayproject ??"
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I forage therefore I am.
"I forage therefore I am. Wherever, whenever. My older siblings @silviabuitoni @filippobuitoni and I spent much time scampering after our mother while she’d pick herbs fruits and flowers along roads, beaches, paths. It became an immanent habit."
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Behind but not done with my
"Behind but not done with my #100dayproject -pasta every day keeps evil at bay. Today a signed original: spigariello and Sicilian almonds pesto with tuna in olive oil over handmade egg tagliatelle."
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My version of finger food
"My version of finger food baked mussels filled with breadcrumbs, pecorino and tiny tomatoes."
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Bottarga class @civickitchensf
"Bottarga class @civickitchensf tonight was fun and delicious. Twelve students, five different kinds of bottarga, six dishes. First photo is the bounty, second a student proudly holding her dish-handmade gnocchi with bottarga and clams, third a pork loin roast with artichokes and bottarga #italybyingredient #violasitaliankitchen #cookingclasses"
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