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BBQ Hamachi Collar
BBQ Hamachi Collar
$$, Restaurant, Downtown
"Pointless post cuz these Hamachi Collars sold out by 7:30.... Korean-American BBQ | Scallion White, Ginger and Sesame Vinaigrette | Cucumbers | Puffed Wild Rice | Pretty (and delicious!) flowers from @hausbarfarmsatx I’ve really needed to cook from the heart as a break from sadness, loss, confusion and all the rest. As a gulf kid who had MANY RESERVATIONS about basically everything.... my first Love was the blanketed statement Asian Food. At first it was mall Chinese, but at about 10 it became a Love affair of Vietnamese and Hunan. How lucky was I to grow in houston and the perfect blend of hate and adoration for the treatment of people i saw. Well y’all... if I’m bare naked....this is what my heart looks like.#eastmeetssouth Oh yeah, I LOVE YALL!"
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