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Chef Melissa is the Executive Pastry Chef for Le Politique in Austin.

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All of the layers
"All of the layers"
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It’s always so bittersweet
"It’s always so bittersweet leaving home. This weekend, I got to celebrate my brother’s graduation from U of I, spend time with family I haven’t seen in a very long time, see my best friend, and eat some of my favorite foods from St. Louis. It’s always good to be back home, but it’s always nice to get back to the real world too. I feel so lucky I get to see my family again in a few weeks when they come visit me in Austin!"
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Opera cakes for days
"Opera cakes for days"
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Beautiful meal tonight
"Beautiful meal tonight celebrating the holidays with @arianaquant for this fabulous ending. 🙌🏻"
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So thrilled we now have an
"So thrilled we now have an Italian dining option from @newwaterloo (and soon, another!)"
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