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Known in Houston’s culinary community as the “Whole Hog Guy”, Patrick Feges is a self-taught pitmaster and Purple Heart recipient from injuries sustained during a tour in Iraq. It was during his recovery that he was hit with the barbecue bug. Armed with an old, worn-out Brinkmann smoker and plenty of tenacity, Patrick experimented through trial and error before deciding to attend culinary school at The Texas Culinary Academy, the Cordon Blue, in Austin. There, surrounded by some of the best barbecue spots in Texas and learning classical basics in class, he began honing his approach to barbecue.

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When @robertjacoblerma brings
"When @robertjacoblerma brings you rib tips from South Chicago, you eat said rib tips no questions asked."
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Finally got a chance to come
"Finally got a chance to come out and try @esaul_ramos and crew are crushing it."
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